Covid Attacks Obama, Charged With Hate Crime

Covid Attacks Obama, Charged With Hate Crime

MARTHA’S VINEYARD, MS–The approval rating for Covid-19 dropped sharply among Democrats Sunday after it was learned their favorite little buddy viciously attacked their other favorite little buddy, Barack Hussein Obama.

Thankfully, science tells us that jail bars are close enough together to keep the Covid bug who did this locked up because the Massachusetts District Attorney has filed a hate crime against it.

“Covid-19 was the greatest thing for our party since slav–I mean since civil rights or whatever. But now it’s gone too far,” DA, Rachael Rollins told the press. “Police are telling me that the virus took a long, hard look at both Barack and Michelle and chose to attack Barack because he looked ‘weak and pathetic.’ We hate that, so that’s a hate crime.”

Bad news for Covid, but Obama himself may be facing legal trouble too.

“If he was double jabbed and boosted and he always wore a mask, it would be impossible for him to catch this virus, so he’s lying,” Attorney General, Merrick Garland said. “We might press charges. We can’t have liars associated with the Biden administration. Joe hates lies so much. He says he owes honesty to his 81 million legal, living voters.”

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