Amy Coney Barrett Discovered To Be Sean Hannity

Amy Coney Barrett Discovered To Be Sean Hannity

Despite conservatives knowing it was Sean Hannity all along, not a single one let the secret slip. 

“How’s that for wearing a mask?!” The Fox News host yelled to the Democrat Senators who were in shock.  “Let not your heart be troubled, America.  Consider the Supreme Count Hanitized forever!”

Sean then zinged a football over to Chuck Schumer.  After using his briefcase to bat the football down with two hands he demanded to know what had happened.  “Mitch!  What is this?!  We confirmed Hannity?!”

Slowly emerging his head out of his shirt collar, McConnell looked at Schumer with a puzzled expression.  “You knew Amy Coney Barrett was never real, right?  We thought about sneaking Ann Coulter in there, but everyone knew Sean has the temperament and the hairdo the court needs at this time.”

While Schumer was shaking mad, Sean tapped on his shoulder.  “Hey, do I have to wear the black robe?  How about I just wear my Jets jersey?”

Update:  For a short time, Republicans worried Hannity may have exposed his identity too soon.  As the Senate rules go, no Trump-inspired event can officially be consummated until the girl in the beanie throws her head back and screams “No!”  But seconds later, the trademark “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” was heard and Sean was in. 

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