Doritos Launches New Socialist Flavors

Doritos Launches New Socialist Flavors

On Thursday, Doritos unveiled their new line of Socialist flavored chips. Beginning in May, your local grocery store will soon have the Socialism themed flavors of “Street Dog”, “Wet Dumpster” and “Zesty Rat”.

Doritos, a division of Frito-Lay, prides themselves on knowing how to market to America’s youth and they are expecting great things from the new flavors.

“Our demo has spoken,” said Frito-Lay President Vivek Sankaran. “18-29 year olds are so in love with this political movement we just know they’d love Doritos that have the authentic taste of a Socialist meal.

Many who have sampled the new flavors are worried this launch may come with some risk.

“For one thing, Wet Dumpster was soggy, reeked of trash and tasted horribly foul!” Said Safeway buyer Chris Davis. “But I’m being told America’s youth is totally on board for eating like this as soon as they take down capitalism. So I see why Doritos is trying to get ahead of the curve.” Davis concluded.

UPDATE: After much of America’s youth sampled the new Socialist flavors, many are not happy and are now demanding democratic Socialist flavored chips.