Dastardly Republicans Hide Birth Control In All The Stores Again

Dastardly Republicans Hide Birth Control In All The Stores Again

It appears rich, white Republicans are at it again.  This time they’re being accused of hiding the birth control in all the stores.  Karen McKarenson of Pensacola, Florida is making the claim and she’s livid about it.

“Once again, because I’m a woman, I’m forced to go on this wild goose chase searching for my constitutional rights!” she screamed while standing in the Target pharmacy directly in front of the birth control section.

“For years, us progressives have been calling out those horrible Republicans for snatching our birth control away from us and hiding it,” she explained.  “They figured the stores would be the last place we’d look!  So look what they’ve done!” she said pointing a trembling finger at sixty-two different brands of birth control.  “They decided to hide them right here!  At my local store!”

Karen selected her birth control and proceeded to explain to the entire Target staff how she was a strong, powerful woman who was capable of anything unless there was some small inconvenience.

When Karen got to the check out line, a tall white male scanned her birth control and said, “That’ll be eleven dollars.”

“How dare you prevent my access to healthcare!”  McKarenson screamed while clawing at the man.

Update: She is now resting comfortably at an Antifa protest.  

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