Dairy Queen Announces Breakfast Menu

Dairy Queen Announces Breakfast Menu

You’ll soon have another fast-food breakfast option for your morning commute. Beginning July 1st, all Dairy Queen restaurants will offer an exciting breakfast menu.

“Frankly, we’re not sure why we didn’t think of this sooner,” Dairy Queen CEO, John Gainor, told The Glorious American. “It’s so simple. We just take a regular blizzard and shove a sausage right in there.”

The new “Sausage Blizzard” is expected to be a huge seller and if certain benchmarks are met, Dairy Queen will move forward with the “Omelette Blizzard”.

Our food critic was able to get a preview of the new breakfast items.

“As you can see, when I tip your Sausage Blizzard upside-down the sausage stays—oh. It fell on the ground,” our critic was told.

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