Chris Cuomo: ‘Show Me A More Unethical Politician Than Ted Cruz’

Chris Cuomo: ‘Show Me A More Unethical Politician Than Ted Cruz’

Move over Watergate.  Step aside 9/11.  In fact, the Ted Cruz’s Cancun scandal may be even bigger than the Russia collusion.  How do we know this?  CNN’s Chris Cuomo says so and he’s an expert when it comes to spotting a scandal.

“I don’t know what it is about me.  Perhaps the Cuomos have a keen understanding of what makes for a political pitfall,” the host said on his show.  “So when I heard about the Ted Cruz scandal, I decided to ask the one question that needs to be asked:  Can someone show me a more unethical politician than Ted Cruz?”

For some reason, everyone on the set began awkwardly looking at their feet.

“No.  Seriously.  I’m not asking rhetorically.  I actually want an answer from you guys,” Chris told his show employees live on-air.  “Someone tell me the name of another politician who has mismanaged a situation worse than Ted Cruz!”

After over one minute of uncomfortable dead air, a cameraman whispered, “There’s no one, Chris.  Please stop talking about this.”

“That’s right.  There’s no one worse,” Chris Cuomo said beaming with pride before going to break.

“Coming up next, a dimwitted mafia wanna-be moron from New York totally makes a fool out of himself and his family.”

The filming crew stood shocked in confusion, unable to toss to commercial.

“What’s the matter, you guys?”  Chris asked.  “I’m talking about Trump!”   

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