Biden Throws Party As Hundreds Die Of COVID On His Watch

Biden Throws Party As Hundreds Die Of COVID On His Watch

It sure was a disgusting display of non-leadership from Joe Biden on Wednesday.  As hundreds of Americans were dying from COVID, the sorry excuse for a man partied and laughed. 

It was a callous and gutless way to begin his term and many are demanding answers.

“Why?!” Screamed a DC-area nurse in between TikTok videos.  “There is blood on his hands!”

Experts are saying every single COVID death was easily preventable had Joe Biden simply “done something!”

To put a cherry on top of this sundae of immorality, Biden’s party threw a firework show.  It was, no doubt, to celebrate the lives he took under his watch. 

Like cartoon villains, the heartless first couple stood and watched fireworks on the balcony.

“Oh, look, Jill, that explosion must be the USS Comfort ship I ordered to have destroyed,” Biden probably said pointing to the fire in the sky.  “I sure hope it was packed with patients.” 

Update:  Congress has agreed to impeach Biden for his killing spree.  Like a typical politician, Joe tried passing the blame.  “It was Corn Pop!  He made me do it!” he yelled.

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