Andrew Cuomo To Receive Emmy For Outstanding Original Editing

Andrew Cuomo To Receive Emmy For Outstanding Original Editing

Andrew Cuomo is being honored with another Emmy, this time for his ‘masterful’ editing.  The Governor, who was given several wheelbarrows full of data showing all the people he killed, locked himself in an edit bay over the summer and went to work. 

“We’ve never seen editing like this,” said the Academy of Television Arts. “In the original draft, Cuomo was neck-deep in bodies.  But then he brilliantly started making a real difference.  Not a change in policy.  No.  A change in what really matters.  He changed the media narrative.”

And the Academy couldn’t be more right.  The Governor was so masterful with his editing skills; he made over half the nation believe he was a competent leader. 

During the awards show (which was relocated from New York to Florida so that everyone wouldn’t die), a clip of Cuomo editing in real-time dazzled the audience.

“Ok. Here’s what I want you ta do,” Cuomo said to his interns in his unusually slow tone. “Ya see this collum that says 604,523 dead?  Highlight it and replace it with the words ‘follow the science’.  And you see that other collum that says 7.4 million cases?  Change that to ‘New York strong.’”

Update:  Andrew Cuomo is also a lock for MTV’s ‘best fight’ scene after showing his face in public and being attacked by the twelve New York survivors.   

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