Fox News Begins Just Filming CNN On Breakroom TV

Fox News Begins Just Filming CNN On Breakroom TV

The great Fox News Channel has made an interesting decision by opting to just film the TV in their breakroom showing CNN.  The new programming came shortly after most corporate media elected Joe Biden President via conference call.

“We did it!” yelled the wife of James Murdock before Sean Hannity pelted her in the back of the head with a football.  “Who did that?  It was Don Jr., wasn’t it?!” she yelled.  “Whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore.  Now that Orange Man is gone, we can finally air premium programming!  Quick, roll a camera into the breakroom, and turn on CNN.”

Using the same math that called Arizona for Biden, the Murdocks can project that filming CNN will give them all-time ratings and the loyalty Democrats are famous for. 

“Look around the cable news landscape.  Hardly any options for Trump-hating Americans.” Neil Cavuto said.  “Look out, CNN.  There’s an exact same, slightly blurry version of yourself coming to town.”

But some prominent conservatives are questioning the channel’s new programming decision.

“I just turned on Fox and I’m seeing a TV with CNN on—And Brian Kilmeade walk over to heat up a hot pocket!” Bill O’Reilly tweeted.  “What is going on over there?!  I think Fox’s viewers are starting to get exasperated (word of the day), with their choices, and if Brian keeps walking through the shot, I’m gonna have to write Killing Kilmeade!”

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