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Al-Qaeda Asks To Borrow Goodyear’s HR PowerPoint

Al-Qaeda Asks To Borrow Goodyear’s HR PowerPoint

Before Friday, the Goodyear Tire Company had very little correspondence with Al-Qaeda.  But once their anti-police, pro-BLM dress code slide became public, the horrible terrorist group simply had to get their hands on it.   

“It looks like Goodyear hates America as much as we do,” Al-Qaeda’s HR manager said.  “Our organization has new-hires too.  Not nearly as much now that Trump’s around, but still.  Their PowerPoint really mirrors our core values.  Why reinvent the wheel, right?  I mean, the wheel’s been around for what, at least eight or nine years now?”

Most people were not pleased with Goodyear’s dress code slide and the company’s stock fell 62% Friday afternoon.  “What happened?  The news said everyone loved Black Likes Matter!” the CEO screamed into the sky.  “And who could have known that blue-collar, automotive-savvy, red-blooded Americans appreciated their law enforcement?” 

As it usually is, the transferring of the large PowerPoint file was a pain.

“I tried sending it to your email, but I think the file is too big,” the Goodyear HR rep said on a poorly connected phone line.  “Maybe we should use Dropbox.  You guys do Dropbox?  No!  I said Dropbox!  Not drop bombs!  This is different.”

Update:  Once Al-Qaeda got a look at the whole presentation, they called Goodyear back and asked if they had anything ‘a little less restrictive.’  

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