Trump To Acosta: ‘I Brought You Into This World, And I Can Take You Out’

Trump To Acosta: ‘I Brought You Into This World, And I Can Take You Out’

During a White House press briefing this week, CNN’s Jim Acosta kept hounding the president about why Melania chose to marry him.  “Mr. President, this is a real news-type question; just please tell us, what can she possibly see in you?”

Then, in what was a tense exchange, the president abruptly yelled, “Ya know what, Jim?!  Enough.  I brought you into this world, I can take you out!”

Even more shocking; Acosta was stunned silent.

“There.  That seemed to do the trick,” Trump said with a smirk.  Then the president began answering other reporters’ questions.

However, Acosta abruptly sprang back to life.  He stood up tall and then asked Trump something that left everyone in the room speechless.

“Dad?” Acosta nervously asked.  “Are you…my dad?” 

“Well, in many ways, yes. I am your daddy, Jim,” Trump quickly replied.  “But you already asked your question.  Don’t be rude.”

But Acosta wasn’t done.  “Can I call you papa?”

“NO!” Trump shot back.  However, the president’s blunt response made Acosta begin to cry. 

“Ok, Jim.  I’ll let you ask another question if you stop crying,” Trump offered.  “Do you have a serious news question?”

Jim nervously wiped his tear and nodded.

“Ok, what’s the question?” Trump softly asked.  

“Umm.  Will you take me to the baseball hall of fame?” Acosta asked.  “Will you, papa?”

An exasperated Trump threw his hands up.  “Ok!  That’s enough!  Get outta here.  Go play with Barron!”

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