Exclusive: Chubby Bunny Still Being Played In Underground Youth Groups

Exclusive: Chubby Bunny Still Being Played In Underground Youth Groups

In recent years, the once popular “chubby bunny” challenge was a staple of American youth groups.  The idea of the game is to have a participant stuff as many marshmallows in their mouth as possible.  Once your mouth becomes stuffed, the challenge becomes saying the words “chubby bunny”.  However, once the game became controversial, most churches stopped playing it.

But like most activities, outlawing it has only created a black market for it.

Investigative reporting has exposed dozens of underground youth groups secretly meeting in abandoned warehouses around the nation.  What is being referred to as “Chub Club”, these secret meetings are as exclusive as they are dangerous.

It took our informant 8 months for his first invite and what he saw was terrifying.

“With DC Talk’s ‘Jesus Freak’ blaring throughout the warehouse and the haunting sound of 10th graders struggling to say Chubby Bunny—these will be memories I’ll never be able to forget.”

Not only was Chubby Bunny being played, Chub Club members were also getting their fix on the supremely dangerous “Red Rover“ game. The reckless game that sent thousands of youth members to the emergency room in the mid 90’s.

“None of us are surprised Red Rover was outlawed at youth groups,” said Chief of Surgery Maria Rogers of St. Hope Medical.  “Our data says three or four games of Red Rover is equivalent to playing one season in the NFL.”

Not a single member of Chub Club would comment for this story, nor would they even acknowledge the existence of Chub Club.

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