Church Installs Monitor Showing Dramatic Chipmunk GIF When Pastor Runs Late

Church Installs Monitor Showing Dramatic Chipmunk GIF When Pastor Runs Late

Hillsong Valley Church members have forced the elders to install a monitor that will begin showing a loop of the Dramatic Chipmunk GIF when Pastor Stephens’ sermons run late.

Last Sunday was the first time the footage was put into action. Reports are that when 11:30am struck and the chipmunk began playing, pastor was visibly shaken-up and he concluded his message within 14 seconds.

“I think a heads-up would have been nice,” remarked Pastor Stephens. “I thought the TV up there was a nice touch as it displayed the worship lyrics and my sermon notes. But when that chipmunk’s head started swiveling towards me with that disapproving look? I’ll be honest I panicked. No one can keep their composure when that chipmunk starts judging you.”

Long-time member Elena Richards claims she was routinely late for her Sunday lunch plans due to Pastor Stephens’ infamously long sermons. For years she had been pleading for something to be done. “That Chipmunk sure did the trick,” Elena said. “We felt bad Pastor was startled so badly—and we could have done without the obscenities he yelped, but that little critter sure got us to our cars in a jiffy!”

There were many ideas for getting Pastor Stephens to end on time. The suggestions were put to a vote and ‘TV showing the Dramatic Chipmunk’ narrowly beat ‘Begin pelting pastor with water balloons 52% – 48%. Some popular write-in suggestions were ‘Pull the fire alarm’ and ‘Install trap door under pastor’s feet’.

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