Dow Jones Plummets to Dreaded “Obama’s High-Water Mark” Level

Dow Jones Plummets to Dreaded “Obama’s High-Water Mark” Level

The media finds themselves in a bit of a pickle.  They want to mock Donald Trump’s now plummeting stock market levels very badly.  However, they must also continue to show great reverence to those same numbers, as it was Barack Obama’s high-water mark.

Rachel Maddow exemplified this conundrum during her show Monday:

“And would you look at that?  Donald Trump’s magnificent stock market isn’t looking too hot, now is it?” She asked sarcastically.  “I mean, what kind of idiot would let it sink to these—-Ummm.  I mean.  Now, hear me out…these levels in about 2015 were…really quite an achievement,” she concluded with sweat now beginning to bead on her forehead.”

While many economists are hopeful a market rebound can occur under Trump, Senator Bernie Sanders isn’t so sure.

“If Trump is such a great businessman, HOW DID HE MANAGE TO LOSE $10,000 in the stock market?!” he yelled into the sky.

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