Bob’s Stores to Close All Locations by Mid-July, Ending Nearly 70 Years in Business

Bob’s Stores to Close All Locations by Mid-July, Ending Nearly 70 Years in Business

Another casualty of Biden’s inflation and economic destruction

The ownership of Bob’s Stores, a prominent apparel and footwear retailer, declared on Monday their decision to shutter all their store locations by July 14. Bob’s Stores faced insurmountable financial challenges, making it impossible to secure the necessary funds to continue its business operations.

Customers have expressed sadness over the upcoming closures, reflecting on the store’s role in their lives. One shopper, James Mullen, reminisced about shopping at Bob’s for school shoes during his childhood, noting the store’s significance compared to larger chains with less personalized selections. At its peak, Bob’s Stores had a presence in several states across the Northeast, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.

Dave Barton, the president of Bob’s Stores, expressed regret over the decision to liquidate, acknowledging the store’s long history of serving local communities for nearly seven decades. He highlighted the company’s deep connection with customers during significant moments in their lives and extended gratitude to vendors, suppliers, customers, and employees for their enduring support.

The company also announced that it would honor all gift cards and merchandise credits until the final day of business on July 14, ensuring that customers can still utilize their benefits during the store’s last days.

Major Points

  • Bob’s Stores announced the closure of all its locations by July 14 due to financial difficulties.
  • The shutdown affects stores in several locations including Cranston and Attleboro.
  • Efforts to restructure the company were insufficient to secure the necessary finances to continue operations.
  • Customers have expressed nostalgia and regret, noting the store’s unique selection compared to larger chains.
  • The company will honor all gift cards and merchandise credits through the closing date.

James Kravitz – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

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