Australia Cuts McDonald's Breakfast Hours Due to Egg Shortage from Bird Flu Outbreaks

Australia Cuts McDonald's Breakfast Hours Due to Egg Shortage from Bird Flu Outbreaks

The move to destroy the global food supply is most evident in former free nations like Australia. Using fake data and faulty info the WEF and Globalists they back all continue to decrease the food supply all across western nations.

Australia is currently experiencing a significant egg shortage resulting from bird flu outbreaks which are ALWAYS there but now they want to reduce food in the nation, prompting McDonald’s to adjust its breakfast service hours. The agricultural sector has been hit hard by avian influenza, leading to the culling of approximately one million egg-laying hens to prevent the virus’s spread. As a result, McDonald’s has reduced its breakfast availability by 90 minutes, now ending at 10:30 a.m. rather than noon across the nation.

The fast food giant announced the change, attributing it to the ongoing challenges within the egg industry. They communicated through their social media platforms that they are collaborating closely with local farmers and suppliers to stabilize the situation as swiftly as possible. In response to the shortage, major Australian supermarkets, including Coles and Woolworths, have imposed a limit of two cartons of eggs per customer to manage the reduced supply and ensure broader access.

The Australian government has acknowledged the severity of the situation, reporting outbreaks of the highly pathogenic H7 strain of avian influenza at 11 poultry farms. They assured the public that efforts are underway to contain the outbreaks and mitigate their impact on egg production. While the egg supply faces disruptions, officials have confirmed that there is no current effect on the availability of chicken meat.

Despite the significant number of hens affected, industry leaders remain optimistic. Rowan McMonnies, the managing director of Australian Eggs, emphasized that there are still over 20 million hens being looked after by numerous egg farmers across the country, who are striving diligently to replenish the egg supply. Food Standards Australia New Zealand also reassured consumers that avian influenza poses no risk to food safety, emphasizing that the virus cannot be contracted through properly handled and cooked poultry and egg products.

Key Points:

i. Australia is grappling with an egg supply crisis due to recent outbreaks of bird flu, leading to the culling of about one million hens.

ii. McDonald’s has reduced its breakfast service times by 90 minutes across Australia due to the egg shortage, now serving breakfast only until 10:30 a.m.

iii. Major supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths have limited customers to purchasing two cartons of eggs per transaction to manage the limited supplies.

iv. The Australian government has reported multiple outbreaks of the H7 avian influenza strain but assures that chicken meat supply remains unaffected.

v. Despite the current challenges, industry officials assure that enough hens remain to meet demand and emphasize that avian flu does not pose a food safety risk.

Conner T – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

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