Morgan Freeman Will Now Narrate All Of Biden’s Words

Morgan Freeman Will Now Narrate All Of Biden’s Words

WASHINGTON, DC — The White House has made what many are calling the wisest purchase in Democrat party history by hiring Morgan Freeman to officially narrate all of Joe Biden’s words.

“I’m privileged to be the official voice of this brilliant man,” Freeman said putting his arm around Biden.  “When I hear Mr. Biden talk, I think to myself, if his words were said with my voice and in the correct order, he might not be the most hated man in American history.”

Immediately following the announcement the two men got to work.  Biden grinned and handed Freeman his first script to read.  “Listen, Chuck, this is from my heart.  Please deliver this to the American people,” Biden said speaking uncomfortably close to Freeman’s face.

“Sir, this is a menu from Applebee’s,” the actor said.  But Biden assured him it was the message the nation needed now more than ever. 

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