Biden: ‘There Won’t Be Any Tyranny If You Just Do What I Want’

Biden: ‘There Won’t Be Any Tyranny If You Just Do What I Want’

Americans who’ve noticed the deep and suffocating tyranny brought on by the Biden administration got some good news on Tuesday.

“A lot of people are saying they don’t like living with the tyrannical boot of fascism on their neck. So today, I offer a poll-tested message of hope,” Joe Biden slowly read from the teleprompter. “Starting tomorrow, I can proudly assure each and every American that there won’t be any tyranny if they just do exactly what I want. So if you want your freedom, you can have it. In exchange for your complete and total surrender.”

The president went on to explain that it’s everyone’s “patriotic duty” to put the Biden family’s needs ahead of the needs of the nation.

As Americans begin associating Biden with a tyrannical ruler, the media has made an effort to plant easier questions to make the president more likable. But that plan suffered a setback when Biden was asked to name his favorite animal and he yelled, “Tyrannosaurus Rex!” and began stomping around on stage making roaring sounds.

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