Ron DeSantis Says Storm Damage Makes Florida Look 'Almost As Bad As California'

Ron DeSantis Says Storm Damage Makes Florida Look 'Almost As Bad As California'

KEATON BEACH, FL. — As Gov. Ron DeSantis surveyed the damage left by Hurricane Idalia, he was overheard muttering perhaps the most damning characterization possible.

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“Holy s—, are we sure this was caused by weather?  This looks like Newsom. You’re sure Gavin wasn’t here?” DeSantis asked a staffer. “This looks almost as bad as California. Almost.”

Even after the governor was assured the wreckage was from the storm, he still needed to be sure. He demanded the clean-up crew look for poop and syringes.    

Once Gavin Newsome heard the slight from DeSantis, he issued the following video statement via Twitter:

“Earlier today, Ron DeSantis, if that is his real name, issued a threat to democracy by making fun of me again. Now, I’m a big boy. With a little help from the DOJ, I can handle this. But his comments offended the great people of California. Unlike Ron, I don’t ever say offensive things to our state’s many birthing people and penis possessors. I wouldn’t dream of embarrassing them. Hell, they’ve got enough going on. They’re consistently looking for abortions, and most of them will never find a valid I.D.  Poor things. Oh, and one more thing for ol’ Ron DeSantis. Don’t compare the disaster in Florida to California. I see nothing but clean-up crews repairing your state. We don’t ever clean up over here. So get your facts straight before making a fool of yourself.”

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