White House Gift Shop Now Selling ‘Inflation Is A Myth’ Hoodies For $289

White House Gift Shop Now Selling ‘Inflation Is A Myth’ Hoodies For $289

WASHINGTON, D.C.–The popular ‘inflation is a myth’ hoodie has returned to the online White House gift shop, but this time it costs $289.  Despite their rich history of being unaware of things, Democrats shoppers actually noticed the price jump.

The White House was forced to release the following statement regarding the sweatshirt:

“Some have noticed a mostly peaceful price increase on the hoodie. We have a simple explanation. Since Joe Biden’s deep catholic faith teaches us all to be less dependent on money, this administration has devalued our currency a great deal for the glory of God. However, people also love having tons of cash. So we did that too! Lastly, the material comes from a factory in Wuhan, China, and we canceled the supply chain because the word ‘chain’ made people think of slavery.”

Not only did the statement not increase the sales of the garment, but it also seemed to fuel the dangerous conspiracy theory that ‘inflation is real.’

However, the clever Biden administration quickly corrected the matter.

A new OSHA regulation will now require every American to purchase two ‘inflation is a myth’ hoodies by December 5th or be tried as an insurrectionist.

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