Top 10 Woke Christmas Cards You Won't Believe

Top 10 Woke Christmas Cards You Won't Believe

We enjoyed compiling the 10 most progressive Christmas cards. But like the vaccine, we cannot fully enjoy them unless you do too. So here we go:


#10: Many people use December 25th as a holiday all its own. But Danielle Collins of Nashville is using the date to warn us that the dreaded insurrection day cometh soon.
#9: Elizabeth Warren found a festive way to remind everyone that America was illegitimately founded on her land, and she wants it back.
#8 The Turner family believes getting more Pfizer coursing through one’s veins is the best possible thing, so it only makes sense they’d wish this for their loved ones. (Although, it looks like their daughter has had enough.)
Un-Vaxxed T-Shirt Un-Vaxxed T-Shirt
#7: Can you blame this “anonymous” man for being a humbug for the holidays? There are still some remnants of capitalism left in red states, and a few violent criminals are still locked up. It’s the season for beatdowns, and Jake-errr, I mean “anonymous,” gave his loved ones fair warning.
#6: If you’re still afraid of COVID, you can hang with Denver’s Helen Douglas. On second thought, keep your distance and just mail her your shoes.
#5: When it comes to foreign policy, the Rollins family of Austin, TX, says the quiet part out loud.
#4: Karen Banks of Portland, OR makes sure to spread both holiday cheer and political correctness evenly.
The Millers of San Antonio seem like a delight.
#3: Meet the Millers of San Antonio, TX. They are a delight.
#2: Janet has locked down for a year now. She’s quadruple-vaxxed with two extra boosters just to be safe. As a public school teacher, she takes pride in showing America’s youth how to think logically and be brave. She hopes to return to teaching when her TV tells her it’s safe.
#1: If you’re friends with the Martins of Burbank, CA…maybe don’t let your kids near the mailbox for a few weeks.

Thank you. And please keep sending us super woke Christmas cards.

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