Report: Mexico Attempted To Pay For the Wall Multiple Times, But US Treasury Doesn’t Take Discover

Report: Mexico Attempted To Pay For the Wall Multiple Times, But US Treasury Doesn’t Take Discover

The Trump administration was dealt some rather embarrassing news Friday when it was learned that Mexico had been attempting to pay for a border wall, but the US Treasury does not take Discover Card.

Shortly after the 2016 election, low-level staffer Ross Salters received a series of voicemails from then-Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. The content of the voicemails was shocking and would have been a massive win for team Trump had they been acted upon.

The Glorious American has obtained transcripts of the voicemail:

“Yes, this is President Enrique Pena Nieto. I have been inspired and persuaded by Mr. Trump’s campaign rallies. On behalf of the government and citizens of Mexico, we would like to deliver payment for your big, beautiful wall. We know you’ll be excited to return this call and we look forward to completing the transaction. Thank you!”

Records show Agent Ross Salters did return President Nieto’s call, but apparently refused Mexico’s large payment. “Yeah, we no longer take Discover,” said Agent Salters. “What do you want from me? It says right here,” he said pointing to a small plaque on his desk showing the accepted payment methods.

Naturally, the administration scrambled to connect with Mexican officials to see if they would still extend payment, but not only does Mexico have a new President, rejecting the goodwill gesture was considered a deep insult. The insult was so great, The Glorious American has learned the offer has been permanently rescinded.

“Can you believe that Ross Salters kid?” Trump asked his staff with Agent Ross sitting only feet away. “Not accepting the wall payment because they’re paying with Discover? Why would he not accept billions?” Trump muttered.

Unfortunately, Agent Ross quickly reminded the president that they “Don’t take Discover” causing Trump to lunge at him requiring the staff to have to separate the two.

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