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Hurricane's Racist Tweets Surface, Forced To Head Back To Mid-Atlantic

Hurricane's Racist Tweets Surface, Forced To Head Back To Mid-Atlantic

Hours before Hurricane Dorian was set to hit the East Coast, the United States became desperate to halt the natural disaster. So Americans did what they always do when they need to stop someone; they began furiously digging through the hurricane’s social media accounts.

Around 8:50 EST, MSNBC broke the news that Hurricane Dorian had sent some outrageously racist tweets dating back to 2009.

“I LOVE Blazing Saddles! HILARIOUS!” read a tweet sent nearly a decade ago.

But perhaps the most damning tweet was from only a month ago. Hurricane Dorian tweeted, “I’m leaving Africa. Again.”

“Can you believe this hurricane? I’m leaving Africa. What’s wrong with Africa?!” Rachel Maddow screamed.

When CNN’s Don Lemon saw the tweets, he slowly looked at the camera, made a dramatic pause and said “Ladies and gentleman, your hurricane… is a racist.”

As the outage reached fever pitch, the National Weather Service began seeing indications the hurricane was trying to avoid hysteria by heading back towards the mid-Atlantic.

Anderson Cooper, who was live on the Florida coast threw his microphone, tore off his shirt and screamed “Oh, HELL no! That hurricane’s not getting off that easy!” as he ran into the ocean apparently trying to physically catch the Hurricane.

UPDATE: As it becomes apparent the hurricane is avoiding America, the phrase #GetBackHere has begun trending on Twitter.