WNBA Game Features All No-Look Passes After No One Watches Game

WNBA Game Features All No-Look Passes After No One Watches Game

For the first time in professional basketball history, The WNBA now proudly owns the only game in which 100% of the passes were of the no-look nature. This was due to not a single soul seeing a moment of action.

During Sunday night’s game between the Palmdale Platypuses and the Wichita Wildebeests, WNBA officials noticed that not a single fan had attended the game. Nor had a single TV viewer registered. So the league quickly began spinning the circumstance to their advantage.

“Whoa! That was sensational! That’s twenty no-look passes in a row!” the radio announcer yelled. “You should have seen that! Seriously! Someone should have seen it, damn it! Or I’m out of a job!”

Following the game, the WNBA players learned of their incredible feat and began using the moment for social justice.

“We did this for the troops.  The Taliban troops, of course,” Forward, Qua’Lifriaqui’Sha’Niquia Jones said.  “We don’t like our army at all.  They once aired a WNBA game on the American Forces Network and all the guys demanded to be sent to war instead.  

The women immediately demanded to be paid comparable to NBA players. But it will have to wait as most of their agents are still recovering from being hit by errant passes thrown by the gals.

Update: The WNBA has agreed to pay them as much as a shift manager at Chili’s. 

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