Too Woke? NBA Tells Mark Cuban He May Not Segregate Hoops By Race

Too Woke?  NBA Tells Mark Cuban He May Not Segregate Hoops By Race

Trying to be the wokest owner in professional sports, Mark Cuban updated the Dallas Mavericks court to feature segregated hoops. 

“There we go!” a pleased Cuban said with his hands on his hips.  “One basket for the horrible white people and one for the magnificent black athletes.  This way, it’s not racist because the African Americans won’t have to mingle with the inferior whites.”

Sadly for Cuban, the NBA learned of his idea and issued the following statement:

“After running Cuban’s idea by China, the NBA will not allow the baskets to be segregated by race.  While we appreciate Mark’s idea, we have modified his proposal to make it less controversial.  All white players will be abolished from the league effective immediately.”

“Mark played a dangerous game by trying to be the wokest,” NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN.  “He should have known that the NBA would never allow themselves to be out-woked.  Since Cuban wasn’t the first to suggest the elimination of the whites, we’re all left wondering:  Is Mark Cuban an open white supremacist?”

Update:  The NBA has asked Cuban to stop having his good white players dress in black-face to keep their jobs. 

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