Russell Westbrook Does Not Believe In Aluminum Foil

Russell Westbrook Does Not Believe In Aluminum Foil

It was last NBA season when Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving expressed skepticism of a globe shaped Earth.  He believes the Earth is flat.  This season, Golden State Warrior guard Stephen Curry said “Nope!” when asked if we had been to the moon.

And the strange conspiracy theories of NBA point guards continued on Tuesday when All-star point guard Russell Westbrook told the media he does not believe in aluminum foil.

“Someone show me the proof. I’m open minded, but all my sandwiches came in plastic baggies.  And I mean all of them” said Westbrook.

When questioned by local media, Westbrook explained how it’s not only impossible to slice metal that thin, but it would be too expensive to mass-produce.  “Don’t take my word for it—I encourage everyone to do their own research” Westbrook concluded.

The former MVP’s comments are proving to be bit of a headache for the League, as Reynolds Wrap is a currently the official aluminum foil of the NBA.

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