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LeBron On China: “My Whole Thing Has Always Been, I Just Shut Up And Dribble”

LeBron On China: “My Whole Thing Has Always Been, I Just Shut Up And Dribble”

Following a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings, LeBron James found himself bombarded with questions about China and its human rights violations.

James then took the opportunity to clarify his stance on social and political issues.

“C’mon guys,” James began. “You know me. My whole thing has always been, I just shut up and dribble, ya know?”

The media reminded LeBron that, for the last few seasons, he had opened all of his press conferences with a ten-minute scolding of President Trump and his policies.

“What? Who? Me?” LeBron asked with an indignant tone. “What does political talk have to do with basketball, you guys?” he said forcing a nervous laugh.

It was then when LeBron’s publicists quietly reminded James he had recently signed a fifteen-episode deal with Showtime to host Politics Tonight! With LeBron James.

Being reminded of that James violently spit out his Vitamin Water all over the press.

“No. No. The show is actually called….” LeBron hesitated. “It’s called ummm Awe-Shucks! Basketball-Only Talk With The Kid From Akron!”

Confused, another reporter asked about James’ upcoming book Courage of a King: Why Talk About Basketball When You Can Talk About Human Rights? Forward by Gregg Popovich & Steve Kerr.

As the press conference tension seemed to mount for James and sweat began to pour down his face, LeBron instinctively yelled, “Oh, c’mon guys! How about a low-risk softball already? Just ask me how dangerous Trump is to our democracy like you always do!”

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