LeBron James Blames Lakers Playoff Exit On Cancel Culture

LeBron James Blames Lakers Playoff Exit On Cancel Culture

LOS ANGELES, CA — LeBron James is accusing all fifteen members of the Denver Nuggets of cancel culture after his Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs.

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“I now understand the toxic nature of cancel culture,” James told reporters. “You shouldn’t have your dreams stopped just because another group of guys wants you gone.”

LeBron averaged 23 points per game in the playoffs, but the Lakers’ star argued that in ‘woke points’, he averaged a whopping 79 per contest and should have easily been declared the winner.

“I’m kneeling for the flag and calling everyone Hitler and virtue signaling all over the place! This is total bull [explicit]!” James yelled at the referees during his elimination game.

Following the loss, LeBron formally requested Biden’s DOJ to open an investigation on the Denver Nuggets players. Biden quickly agreed on the grounds that ‘black people don’t have lawyers.’

“They were trying to steal the ball from me and trying to hold me back as a player and a person,” James alleged. “They were trying to cancel me so hard, I felt like JK Rowling with a jump shot out there!”

An ESPN reporter asked LeBron if it was possible that the Nuggets players were not using cancel culture but rather trying to advance in the playoffs. Within minutes, James had the reporter fired and arrested for questioning the king’s authority.

Update: LeBron James is arguing he didn’t ‘cancel’ the reporter because he will allow him to cover the Clippers.

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