Large Homeless Encampment Lands Major League Baseball Team

Large Homeless Encampment Lands Major League Baseball Team

CALIFORNIA– On Monday, representatives from the largest homeless encampment in California announced the acquisition of a Major League baseball team.

The massive tent city beat out Portland, Oregon, and Nashville, Tennessee, for the 31st professional baseball franchise.

“We are proud to welcome the Tent City, Pile Dodgers!” MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, yelled into a paper towel tube while standing on a shopping cart. As the Commissioner unveiled the logo, the crowd of Tent City residents screamed an array of profanities. However, there had been a steady stream of obscenities being yelled throughout the ceremony, so the level of excitement about the logo remains unclear.

“Selecting a city to host an MLB franchise is a huge decision,” said sports writer Ken Rosenthal. “But when the league saw how much sustainable funding the state of California was giving this group, it was just a smart business decision.”

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