‘F–k Joe Biden’ Chant Breaks Out At Biden Dinner Table

‘F–k Joe Biden’ Chant Breaks Out At Biden Dinner Table

On Wednesday, the popular ‘F–k Joe Biden’ chant that has rocked college football stadiums around the nation, finally came to the President’s dinner table.

Momentum for the explicit chant picked up steam when the dinner conversation drifted towards Joe Biden’s job approval.

“Man, what haven’t you f–ked up, pops?!” Hunter yelled bouncing a biscuit off his father’s head. “During the Trump years, I could get 5 grams of crack for $1,000.  But now… actually, since you opened up the border everyone can get drugs way more easily, so I’ll have to give you that one.”

But Dr. Jill was still fuming at her husband.

“And giving the Taliban $83 billion?  You know how much I wanted that money, ya old fart!” Jill screamed while flicking a spoonful of mashed potatoes at Joe’s head.

At that moment, the whole first family began a boisterous ‘F–k Joe Biden’ chant. Even the young children cupped their hands around their mouths and let their grandpa have it.

“It was a sad and ugly scene. I haven’t seen someone get treated this badly since Kamala showed her face in public,” a White House staffer noted.

Update: During dessert, one of Hunter’s prostitutes led a spirited “Trump won!” chant shortly before dumping coleslaw over Joe’s head.

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