Drew Brees Vows To Never Throw Football To White Teammates Again

Drew Brees Vows To Never Throw Football To White Teammates Again

The sports world was rocked when New Orleans Saints star, Drew Brees, agreed with 96% of Americans in the support of our flag.  The NFL fined the out-of-control quarterback $14 million and they’ve even explored killing him. 

Brees has since issued public apologies four times a day for the last week, with surprisingly little results.  So early this morning he raised his apology game with the following tweet:

“As a show of support to #BLM, this season I will refuse to throw the ball to any of my white teammates.  #I’mSorryAgain”

Sadly for Brees, this commitment is ringing hollow as the NFL had already purged most of the white players last week.  Because of this, the QB has penciled in a dozen more apology videos.  This time, he’ll be bowing down and loudly weeping.

“Drew is clearly dealing with a lot.  We never want to see one of our teammates going through this type of anguish,” wide receiver, Emmanuel Sanders commented.  “Unless it’s a white teammate.  So in this case, Drew has a lot more apologizing to do.”

Several Saints fans have taken to social media to voice their disagreement with Brees’ commitment to never pass to white receivers.  One comment read: “This is stupid!  Just pass to the most open player—like always!  Saints are gonna suck this season if we just virtue signal!” 

Update:  There is now a nationwide manhunt for the white supremacist who wrote that post.   

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