Democratic National Convention Comes To An End

Democratic National Convention Comes To An End

The DNC’s new format of playing basketball in between political speeches came to a conclusion Sunday night and many are calling it a success.

Before they left the multi-month convention, the activists (dressed as athletes) gathered all the ESPN and TNT employees at center court.  Everyone put their hands together as they did one last “1-2-3 ORANGE MAN BAD!” chant.

Top community organizer, LeBron James, was sensational during the convention as he dutifully highlighted the plight of violent rapists and cop killers everywhere.  “I felt the need to represent those people because they don’t take no for an answer,” LeBron said as he became emotional.  “THIS IF FOR YOU, RAPISTS!” he screamed holding up his participation trophy. 

Director of Propaganda, Adam Silver, was also pleased with the event. “We just kept telling the fans that this isn’t about basketball.  No way.  This is about making sure Donald Trump loses in November.  We did such a good job that millions of citizens eventually screamed ‘we get it!’ and were never heard from again.  So, I’d say we did a pretty good job getting the message out, alright.”

Update: Mixing sports activities into the DNC was such a hit; Democrats will soon remove the baseball from the MLB (which now stands for Must Love Biden) and will use the platform to push gun control.    

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