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China apologizes to NBA after league reminds them they do the LGBT rainbow thing

China apologizes to NBA after league reminds them they do the LGBT rainbow thing

Earlier this week, an NBA General manager angered China with a tweet that sided with the Hong Kong protesters.

But when Commissioner Adam Silver learned that Chinese President Xi Jinping was upset with his league, Silver took to social media with a video blasting the communist nation.

“Listen here, China. You think we overstepped by commenting on your little domestic conflict?” The commissioner asked pointing his finger at the camera. “You want to cancel a multi-billion dollar TV deal because we hurt your feelings? It appears you forgot who you were dealing with!” Silver screamed. “We are the NB [explicit] A! AND WE DO THIS!” he screeched holding up a Chicago Bulls rainbow-themed T-shirt in dramatic fashion.

It was then when Xi Jinping remembered the colossal bravery the NBA has. The ultra-woke league will sometimes make some merchandise rainbow-themed to celebrate the LBGT community. Sources say when the gravity of Silver’s comments fully hit Xi Jinping, he fell to his knees and buried his head in his hands with remorse.

As the Chinese president crumbled with shame to the floor, Commissioner Silver’s video continued.

“So keep your billions!” Silver yelled throwing a stack of cash at the camera. “Ask North Carolina how that worked out for them when they wouldn’t let men stroll into the women’s bathroom! WE SHOWED THAT FAMOUS NBA PRINCIPLE!” Silver screeched as his voice cracked.

Deeply embarrassed, the Chinese government quickly issued a heartfelt apology to the league.

“After the thrashing Adam Silver gave them, it’s hard to imagine your average Chinese person carry-on with dignity after this” a US official warned.

UPDATE: Although China has apologized, NBA coaches Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich have chartered flights to China. Using their own money for the flights, the two coaches will confront Xi Jinping and give him a piece of their minds.

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