AOC Labels Nuggets Players ‘Climate Deniers’ After Beating Heat

AOC Labels Nuggets Players ‘Climate Deniers’ After Beating Heat

DENVER, CO — Basketball fans may have watched the NBA Finals conclude on Monday night, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saw something very different.

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Seconds after Denver defeated Miami, the often confused Congresswoman tweeted her apparent disgust. 

“Uhhh.  Did I just watch a group of NBA players dismiss the heat?  I’ve always believed that heat is a main component of global warming.  The arrogance and white supremacy on display in Colorado right now is incredibly dangerous.” 

Moments later, AOC was back on Twitter, but this time with some clarification.  

“It was just explained to me that the Nuggets weren’t trying to make a statement on climate but rather just win the championship.  I feel we should live in a society of understanding and forgiveness.  But WE DON’T—so I’m still demanding further explanation from those racist players!! That ball they were slamming against the floor might as well have been the Earth!”

In subsequent tweets, the Congresswoman compared Denver’s uniforms to being “as golden as Trump’s hair” and said the sold-out Nugget’s arena chanting “beat the Heat” reminded her of 19,500 ‘little Tucker Carlsons.’

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