Matt Walsh Sets World Record For Correctly Assuming 2,000 Consecutive Genders

Matt Walsh Sets World Record For Correctly Assuming 2,000 Consecutive Genders

TENNESSEE- Amateur gender knower and all-around man’s man, Matt Walsh put on perhaps his most jaw-dropping performance at the Nashville West Shopping Center this week.

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While waiting for his wife to leave the little-known Jeremy’s Modest Lingerie retail store, The Daily Wire host began casually assuming the genders of those passing him. Soon, people began noticing his accuracy.

“He was like, ‘That’s a woman. That’s a woman. That’s a man.’ And he was absolutely nailing it,” a Build-A-Jeremy-Bear clerk excitedly told the local news crew. “He didn’t ask any of these people to state their truths or what turned them on–None of that. Just sitting there, on the bench in front of the AberJeremy & Fitch store and batting 1,000 with that monotone voice! We’ve never seen anything like it!”

While most of the mall was wildly impressed with the feat, Walsh didn’t seem excited at all.

“Not sure what all the fuss is. It’s easy. You see that woman with breasts and blonde hair down to her shoulders?” Matt said, pointing to a woman. “That’s a woman.”

In fact, during his comments, a car could be heard screeching and eventually crashing in the parking lot.

“Ya hear that?  That’s a woman,” Matt confidently and correctly said.

With that, the crowd went delirious because it was Walsh’s 2,000th consecutive correct gender guess, setting the Guinness world record previously held by Anthony Weiner’s social media intern.

Upon hearing of Matt’s triumph, Ben Shapiro was neither astonished nor astounded. 

“I can break 2,000, folks. I’ll start the streak right now, gang,” Shapiro told the Guinness team entering The Daily Wire. “Boom–that’s a woman,” he said, pointing to Michael Knowles and immediately disqualifying himself.

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