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Snoop Dogg Disappointed With Trump’s Irresponsible Drug Use

Snoop Dogg Disappointed With Trump’s Irresponsible Drug Use

After President Donald Trump announced he was using Hydroxychloroquine, predictably it was Snoop Dogg who spoke up to rebuke the ‘irresponsible’ drug use.

“So Trump’s on that hydroxyl-quizzle?  Way outta line, if you ask this musician.  Way outta line,” the rapper said in an Instagram video. 

Mr. Dogg continued, “What hurts the most is to see the squandered potential.  It leaves us all thinking; what heights could the President of the United States have reached if not for this drug abuse?”

The rapper has created the Snoopy Dogg Foundation, a charity designed to raise awareness for drug abuse and anything else Trump might do wrong.  In a touching ribbon-cutting ceremony, Snoop Dogg fought back tears as he touted the blessings of his substance-free life.  Joining Mr. Dogg was filmmaker, Michael Moore.  “Not only is this president on drugs, but Donald Trump is also getting a little on the pudgy side, dammit!” Moore screamed into the microphone.    

Snoop Dogg’s actions against the president were considered so magnificent that members of the press plan to join the rapper to celebrate in a 1987 Cadillac around 4:20pm.