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Roots of Toxic Masculinity Traced Back To Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Roots of Toxic Masculinity Traced Back To Hungry, Hungry Hippos

A new study has revealed the epidemic of toxic masculinity sweeping the nation began with none other than the 1978 hit game Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

Created by Milton Bradley, this game pits friends and family against each other in a brutal, winner-take-all battle. Each player must fill their spring loaded hippopotamus with pure rage and fight the herd for every last marble. The study shows the negative effects wreaked havoc on young boys.

“Think about what this game taught our boys,” said behavioral therapist Deborah Felix. “If your hippo has the fight of his life and eats the least marbles? You’re not only out, but the rich keep getting richer. That game is Wall Street and corporate greed all wrapped into one.”

The study shows a Hungry, Hungry Hippos player is now about 48 years old– the same age as society’s most problematic men.

“With most of our games, we wanted to encourage puzzle solving and strategic thinking, but at the time, we all weren’t sure what the 80’s were going to bring. So with Hippos, we made the decision to promote chaos, greed and violence. Looking back, it was probably a huge mistake,” said game inventor Fred Kroll.

The same research group says they’re close to releasing another study that alleges the 1996 toy Bop-It! was a major contributor to the rise in domestic violence.