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Media: Don Jr. In Hot Water For Hunter Biden's N-Word Rant

Media: Don Jr. In Hot Water For Hunter Biden's N-Word Rant

Don Jr. really stepped in it this time. Multiple outlets are reporting how the fictional President’s son said the n-word and now the actual President’s son must pay.

“When I read the transcript of what Hunter said, n-word after n-word, I just thought, how could Don Jr. do this? Has he no shame?” said Joe Scarborough holding back tears.

Moments before he was de-platformed for his actions, Don Jr. spoke about the incident on Instagram.

“Please understand this, liberals: I am a decent, sober, hard-working guy. Hunter is the crackhead, racist criminal. Please stop grafting all his sins on me!”

Don’s controversial post immediately set Washington DC ablaze. (While inspired by Don, many concede the actual fire was started by BLM activists.)

“Look what he’s doing! Don Jr. has started another insurrection!” The Capitol Police Chief warned the Democrats while ringing the newly installed insurrection bell.

Within moments, Washington suspended what was left of the Bill of Rights and ordered mass national lockdowns.

Update: Heavily under the influence of a drug called ‘Bob Beckel’s Thunder Dragon’ Hunter Biden accidentally sent the following statement from the official White House Twitter account believing he was privately messaging Don Jr.:

“Hey, Donny boy. Thanks for taking the heat off me again.  You’re a true friend.  You’ll always be my n—a. If you’re ever in Beijing and need some Beckel Dragon, let me know.”

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