AOC's Store Now Selling ‘Fight Against Fossil Fuel’ Diesel Trucks

AOC's Store Now Selling ‘Fight Against Fossil Fuel’ Diesel Trucks

AOC’s new campaign store will now offer diesel trucks as part of an effort to raise awareness about our withering climate, and to make her filthy rich.  The $400,000 ‘fight against fossil fuel’ truck features the AOC logo and is made from 100% organic steel. 

The truck is one of several items on AOC’s on-line store that have drawn criticism.  The LGBTQ-themed pocket-sized Quran was a non-seller and the ‘Keep Conservatives Away’ concealed carry kits were only a hit in Austin, Texas.

“We sold a dozen hoodies that said ‘Those Cows Had Better STOP Blowing Huge, Loud Farts Into My Climate!’ for $75.99,” AOC said.  “But I spent a few hours on the calculator and I’m pretty sure selling these trucks will bring me way more money.”

But just as AOC was hoping the truck sales would salvage her store, Republicans pounced.

“I see AOC is selling a truck manufactured in……. China,” Trump said in his special way.  “Looks like your favorite President might need another term so more people can afford her overpriced trucks!”

AOC responded with an angry rant on Twitter, which was later named the rant of the year.

“Oh, I see.  I’m supposed to live on only six figures while I condemn capitalism, but the FIRST time I try to make a killing by selling a fleet of luxury 18-wheelers, I get singled out?!”    

Update:  When Ilhan Omar found out about the whole controversy she yelled, “oh, brother!”  But it was later learned she was just calling for her husband.   

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