Whoopi Goldberg’s Battered Chair From The View Added To Civil Rights Museum

Whoopi Goldberg’s Battered Chair From The View Added To Civil Rights Museum

MEMPHIS, TN — The National Civil Rights Museum is proud to announce the latest addition to its collection:  The chair that bravely fought to support Whoopi Goldberg’s humongous ass from early 2007 through February of 2007.

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The chair is from the set of The View, a daytime show made popular by unemployed, divorced women.

After somehow holding Goldberg for over five weeks, the crew lovingly nicknamed the chair ‘Job’, a take on the biblical character who withstood unspeakable punishment from Satan himself.  

“The chair is recognized for supporting Whoopi, but people don’t realize the ferocious farts it had to absorb, too,”  said an emotional museum curator.  “I mean… She had breakfast burritos every day.  Try to name a greater example of suffrage.  I’ll wait.”

While many museum goers admire the chair from a distance (the smell is still pungent), some have wondered why this piece of furniture belongs in a civil rights gallery.

“That question shows such bigotry,” honorary black woman, Rachel Dolezal explained.  “White people need to realize it is a remarkable black chair that supported a remarkable black ass.  For 19 weekdays in 2007 from 11 am to 12 pm Eastern Time on ABC, that chair symbolized resilience in the face of oppression for my community!”

Update:  The Special Needs Hall of Fame is rumored to be inducting Rachel Maddow, a woman who managed to host a primetime show on MSNBC despite being clinically retarded.   

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