Stevie Wonder Canceled For Saying, "I Don't See Color"

Stevie Wonder Canceled For Saying, "I Don't See Color"

Cancel culture claimed its latest victim yesterday when a hot mic caught Stevie Wonder during a commercial shoot for Pepsi.

While a young assistant was delivering coffee to Wonder, she stumbled and said, “I spilled coffee on my red blouse!”

Then Wonder sealed his fate by uttering the most insensitive, racist remark since Joe Biden’s last press briefing:

“Oh no, it’s a good thing I don’t see color.”

Per Pepsi protocol, the fire alarm was pulled, and six men dog-piled the immoral musician.  He was stripped naked, hosed down with New Coke, and forced to binge-watch the 2018 Roots remake starring Neil Patrick Harris.   

Stevie Wonder had already been under fire for recently signing a deal with Wonder Bread.

“He’s the black face of white bread,” Don Lemon said following Wonder’s partnership with the racist baked-goods company.  “We all know the real reason Stevie doesn’t see color.  It’s because his eyes have been destroyed from reading Dr. Seuss books and using Aunt Jemima syrup.  It’s just science.”

UPDATE: Wonder Bread has pulled its endorsement deal from Stevie after he performed a controversial remake of his 1973 hit “You Are the Sandwich of My Life.”

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