Sean Hannity Delivers Monster Wedgie To Shep Smith

Sean Hannity Delivers Monster Wedgie To Shep Smith

On Thursday Sean Hannity delivered a monster wedgie to colleague Shep Smith. The incident happened shortly after Smith’s show finished airing. Reports are Hannity stealthily snuck up behind Smith, quickly located the elastic band and executed what many are calling the best, most devastating wedgie ever delivered in the halls of the Fox News studios.

Trace Gallagher was live on the scene. “I’ve covered a lot of big stories, but this might be the most important,” Trace reported. “Shepard had just concluded a segment trying to convince viewers Trump and Putin might be the same person and he was on his way to weep in the restroom as he normally does. But Sean spotted him and made his move,” Gallagher concluded.

According to reports, Hannity routinely arrives to the studios hours early, hides in the rafters or behind plants and surprises Shep with good-natured assaults.

Following the incident, Fox News HR department issued a statement expressing disappointment by Hannity’s act. “We’re disappointed Sean didn’t find a way to hook the elastic strap up and around Shep’s head. That would have been so funny. We hope Sean can do better next time.”

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