Portland Zoo Installs Trigger Warning Sign On Elephant Enclosure

Portland Zoo Installs Trigger Warning Sign On Elephant Enclosure

Because the elephant has long represented the Republican Party, the Portland Zoo has taken it upon themselves to warn visitors approaching the elephant exhibit.

After installing a sign that reads: “WARNING: The animal in this enclosure has been linked to an extremist hate group. Proceed with caution.” the zoo was forced to issue a statement as it angered many.

“We understand some of our visitors are upset at the warning sign,” began Zoo Director, Sonya Jacobs. “But this particular animal has made the decision to align itself with a horrible extremist group. We cannot stand what they represent and each zoo employee struggles with providing them a platform altogether.”

Critics of the sign claim the Portland Zoo and the caretakers have let their hatred of the GOP spill over into a personal vendetta against the elephants.

“Do we withhold meals and care from the elephants on days when the Republicans propose a hateful bill? We absolutely do!” screamed the elephant zookeeper.

UPDATE: Being unable to stand these animals any longer, the zoo management gave the elephants one last opportunity to denounce the Republican Party. They refused. Later that night, the elephants hung themselves with a bed sheet moments before two sets of security cameras malfunctioned.

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