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Joe Biden to Host “So You Think You Can Gaffe” on Fox

Joe Biden to Host “So You Think You Can Gaffe” on Fox

Sources tell The Glorious American that Joe Biden and Fox have agreed on a 20-episode deal for the former VP to host “So You Think You Can Gaffe”.

Inspired by how Biden conducts himself in public office, the show features a format wherein little known politicians from around the country compete to impress a large national audience by speaking on a complicated topic they have absolutely no knowledge of.

Also like Joe, the contestants only get 100 chances to get it right and even if they still mangle it, they still aren’t asked to leave the stage.

“Joe is thriving as the host. Of all his jobs, this is his true calling!” raved his wife, Jill. “He thinks he’s coaching these contestants into a great career in politics, but he’s really just ripping off gaffe after gaffe. He has the audience rolling!”

In fact, when Fox asked Biden to read a promotional blurb he confidently, but incorrectly said: “It’s not quality!” a gaffe that ended up being the show’s tag line.

Despite the strong start, Fox executives are now worried about the show’s longevity after a tearful Biden explained how our nation ‘was built on bathhouses’ and then tried to kiss the man holding the cue cards.

Many fear his gaffes are too disturbing and he may have to return to being the President of the United States, a place where his shocking and moronic gaffes are welcomed.

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