Joe Biden ‘Sentence Decoder Ring’ Now Available

Joe Biden ‘Sentence Decoder Ring’ Now Available

Have you ever wondered what Joe Biden is saying?  Thanks to your friends at the DNC, you’ll now be able to purchase a decoder ring to finally learn what all those bungled sounds and noises actually mean.   

Unfortunately, the nation will still have to listen to Joe Biden’s attempts to form sentences on debate stages and various interviews.  However, later that night, you and all your democrat friends can gather around a special Rachel Maddow broadcast.  Maddow will then reveal a series of secret numbers which, using your decoder ring, will uncover amazing DNC talking points.

Here’s an example of the fun your Biden Decoder Ring will bring you:

In an interview this week, Joe Biden told Chris Cuomo:  “We have NEVER let our democracy sakes for second fiddle with our economy… for [explicit] sake!”

But later that night, after Maddow offered the series of numbers, we learned that Joe Biden actually said:  “Minorities members are beautiful, damn it!” 

And last week, while Biden was unaware he was doing a live stream, the former VP let out a series of belches and a rather large flatulence.

Amazingly, it was discovered that Biden had actually said: “Climate change is real.  We must act.  I will lead us into a clean world.”

 The Joe Biden “Sentence Decoder Ring” will definitely be a limited edition item as he is not well.