Joe Biden Lands Huge Endorsement From Creed Bratton

Joe Biden Lands Huge Endorsement From Creed Bratton

NEW YORK, NY — Because she’s known for her nasty and rude on-air demeanor, Dana Perino famously has a hard time finding guests for her afternoon Fox News show Listen Up Stupid, Dummies.  So it was no surprise when her only guest on Thursday was Dunder Mifflin’s quality assurance manager, Creed Bratton.

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“Creed, you lived in Scranton about the same time Joe Biden did; what do you know about him?” Perino asked.

“Sharpest cookie in PA.  He taught me B.O.B.O.D.D.Y., among other things,” Creed said.  “Best brain I’ve seen.”

“So you think he’s smart?  You’d vote for Joe Biden?” Perino pressed.

“I only said I’ve seen his brain.  Tractor accident,” Creed said.  “And I suppose I’d vote for him if the price was right.”

“Ok, I think we’re done here,” an annoyed Perino said.  “Thank you, Mr. Bratton.”  

“Later skater,” Creed replied. 

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