Jimmy Kimmel Accidentally Apologizes For Blackface As Obama

Jimmy Kimmel Accidentally Apologizes For Blackface As Obama

An unfortunate mistake for Jimmy Kimmel as the late-night host accidentally apologizes for doing blackface as Barrack Obama. 

Kimmel’s reasoning was simple, an ABC spokesman explained.  “Everyone is so mad at Jimmy and no one’s ever mad at Obama.  He figured this would work.”

The apology skit featured Kimmel doing a poor impression of Obama as he yelled ugly phrases like “Ya’ll hurry up and forgive that Jimmy Kimmel for doing that blackface so I can get back to eating some fried chicken!” and “Let’s be clear, Kimmel is the right man for his salary and his checks should keep being issued for years to come.”

Strangely Kimmel’s plan worked as all of Hollywood became entranced by the site of Barrack Obama.  “We were on the fence about this, but there was just something magical about his apology skit,” Matt Damon informed.  With tears running down his face, Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam said it was the ‘funniest and greatest thing’ he had ever seen. 

Update: Despite Hollywood’s praise for Kimmel’s Obama stunt, the ABC network has released the following statement: “We regret that Jimmy keeps dressing up as black people and he will be sent on another month-long vacation immediately.”