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Jim Acosta Children’s Book To Hit Shelves Next Week

Jim Acosta Children’s Book To Hit Shelves Next Week

Jim Acosta’s new children’s book, Trump’s an [EXPLICIT] and a Total [EXPLICIT] Idiot and a Total [EXPLICIT] [EXPLICIT] Who Needs to be Stopped, is set to hit bookstores next week.

“I just knew I needed to share my creativity with our nation’s children,” Acosta said in a press release. “The book was supposed to center around three happy children having a summer adventure, but as soon as I got in front of my computer my instincts kicked in. The result ended up being a great compilation of this president’s most treacherous behavior. I know children will just love it.”

Critics are suggesting Acosta’s children’s book might struggle due the fact that there are no pictures and the title itself is riddled with profanities. “It reads more like a graphic political hit piece on the President rather than a child’s book,” said long-time publisher Francis Hopkins.

Despite the competitive landscape of children’s literature, Acosta is predicting a huge success. “Frankly, we might be looking at Harry Potter type sales,” said the hopeful author. “And if we fall short in total sales? Well, it would be clear the [EXPLICIT] in the White House and his [EXPLICIT] in [EXPLICIT] talk radio [EXPLICIT] conspired to take this [EXPLICIT] book down!”

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