Jenner: ‘I Will Remove California’s Junk’

Jenner: ‘I Will Remove California’s Junk’

In a powerful interview with Fox News, Caitlyn Jenner told Sean Hannity that Californians are tired of getting the shaft and need a new governor.  The broken legal system was a specific target for Jenner.

“You know me, Sean, I like to get to the bottom of things.  Criminals in California are getting off way too easy.  That’s why I will cut off all the penal loopholes.  RIGHT OFF!” Jenner yelled, startling Hannity.  “We need more police officers, not less.  I want to beef it up.  I want to beef up law enforcement. There’s going to be so much beef, Sean.”

Next, the topic transitioned to how filthy California has become.

“Oh, this one’s easy.  But I want the camera to zoom in on my face so the viewers understand how serious I am about this,” Jenner requested. 

“Once I take office, I am going to have California’s junk removed.  I’ll have the junk picked up and we’ll take it RIGHT OFF the streets!” Jenner screamed—this time frightening Sean so badly his papers all flew up in the air. His Nerf football has also been missing since the incident.

As a rattled Hannity gathered his papers on the floor, Jenner teased that Sean was getting his pants dirty. 

“And Sean, under a Jenner administration, getting that suit dry-cleaned will be a WRITE-OFF!” Jenner yelled slapping Hannity’s back way too hard.

Update: Sean Hannity has switched parties. 

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