CNN Wins Oscar For Best Original Editing

CNN Wins Oscar For Best Original Editing

HOLLYWOOD, CA — The folks at CNN had a great Sunday night as they locked up the award for best original editing.

And credit where credit’s due. On a nightly basis, CNN has been taking world events and uniquely editing them in a colossal way. The academy singled out some of CNN’s best work throughout the year in a beautiful statement:

“To the world, 17-year-old Nick Sandmann was a normal young man on a class field trip to Washington DC. By the time CNN edited the material, Sandmann was a Bond-villain-type mastermind, dead set on destroying all Native Americans and the planet. To the world, Brett Kavanaugh was a boring DC area judge. But lights, camera action; soon Kavanaugh was a ferocious rapist running an international human trafficking ring. To the world, James Clapper was an incompetent slob who shouldn’t be trusted with a 3-hole punch. But once the editors at CNN got their hands on him… well, editing has only come so far. But still, Congratulations to CNN!”

Former CNN mascot Brian Stelter was supposed to accept the award, but he reportedly spent the whole night between the snack bar and the restroom.

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